Image Post: Tasman Lake, South Island, New Zealand

Seeing the glacial Tasman Lake and it’s icebergs was something I had dreamed about and was high on my list of Must-dos when I went to the South Island this year. Was really happy to have some nice colour at sunset to get this shot!

Let me know if you like these image posts! will keep doing more 🙂

Tasman Lake, Glacial Lake, South Island, New Zealand, Photographer
Tasman Lake, Glacial Lake, South Island, New Zealand

What is it about old churches??

Since I can remember I have always had an appreciation for the architecture of churches. Living in a young country such as New Zealand, where our oldest building dates back to 1822 we don’t have super old features or designs, but I definitely appreciate the age gap and can appreciate soaking up a bit of heritage through my lens.

Here are just a few I have recently managed to photograph, these are 19th century rural churches which I absolutely adore!



St Alban's 1
St Alban’s Church, Pauatahanui (1898)
Holy Trinity Church, Ohariu Valley (1870)
Pukehou Church_
Christ Church, Pukehou (1859)