Photographing The Unknown – How I managed to photograph, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, without knowing it.

Yesterday I spent the day out with my family at Paraparumu beach which is part of the idyllic Kapiti Coast on the Lower West Coast of the North Island, New Zealand.

The long flat coastline is perfect for a day out with the family and to walk our dog, the coast also features the iconic Kapiti Island which is a prominent subject for anyone who likes to take photos.

We were at the beach around sunset, the sunset was a bit of a fizzer, the tide was right out, and the sky was a bit clear for anything dramatic.

After the sun had gone down and my wife and I were starting to discuss dinner plans.

I soon noticed a slither of the Moon, coming to light as day turned twilight.

There were very bright stars close to the moon which lent me to want to postpone dinner and start shooting.

I after a bit of scouting I found my way to a water way which lead out to the beach, this would be my spot.

For the day I had been posting the odd pic and video on my Instagram Story including one of  the emerging moon and its accompanying ‘stars’. Until an Instagram buddy Kunal, replied back to say that what I was seeing was an alignment of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury.

I did my best to take the best shot I could and was happy with my composition I found, I researched the event when I arrived home and feel very happy that I was in the right place at the right time.

Photography Specs
Fujifilm XT1 + Fujinon 18-55mm @ 35mm

F4, 10 sec, ISO 200

Editing, Lightroom

The Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury taken at Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand
The Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury taken at Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand